Convert Rows into Columns in SqlServer

convert row into columns in sql.It is very Important and common scenario when we need to convert sql table row into sql table Columns.

it is frequently used in Reporting.

create Table HeadMaster
headid int primary key,
headname nvarchar(50)
insert into HeadMaster values (1,'Head1')
insert into HeadMaster values (2,'Head2')
insert into HeadMaster values (3,'Head3')

HeadMaster table have the three rows.with have the headname Head1,Head2 and Head3.

We want another table DemoTable having columns Head1,Head2…..

lets Begin..

Declare @HeadNameList nvarchar(max)
Declare @HeadName nvarchar(50)
--create comma sepreted list of headname column
select  @HeadNameList = coalesce(@HeadNameList + ',', '') + cast(headname as nvarchar(50)) from HeadMaster
set @HeadNameList = @HeadNameList + ','
--select @HeadNameList
if Object_ID('DemoTable') is not null drop table DemoTable
Create Table DemoTable
[S.No] int
select @HeadName = Substring(@HeadNameList,1,Charindex(',',@HeadNameList)-1)
select @HeadNameList = Substring(@HeadNameList,Charindex(',',@HeadNameList)+1,4000)
exec('alter table DemoTable add [ '+ @HeadName+ ']nvarchar(50)')
select * from DemoTable
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